Automotive Intelligence for Connected Shared Mobility.

Funded as part of the European H2020 Research and Innovation Program, ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

AI4CSM project page

Duration: May 2021 - November 2024

AI4CSM aims to develop new, highly reliable electronic components and systems for automated vehicles that support digital applications, services and business models to accelerate the transition to the digital economy and provide the means to implement the Green Deal for a climate-neutral Europe. It addresses a wide range of technologies for advanced perception, efficient propulsion and batteries, advanced connectivity, new integration and platform concepts, and smart components based on trustworthy AI.

In the project, the Wireless Communications and Networks department is developing and demonstrating a mm-wave sidelink system based on software-defined radio platforms and 28 GHz antenna arrays, enabling a direct data connection between vehicles according to 3GPP specifications.