Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for wireless networks

Wireless networks offer a multitude of possibilities to use Artificial Intelligence profitably. To be able to employ these, the department Wireless Communications and Networks (WN) researches in the following areas:

Wireless networks and Artificial Intelligence

In the near future, control and optimization tasks in many areas of technology will become so complex that conventional optimization approaches will no longer be sufficient.

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Optimization of wireless networks

The introduction of wireless networks for mobile communication made their optimization a central issue due to the ever-increasing demand.

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Optimization of data transmission to the mobile device: Network layer

Much of the relevant data is only available on the network layer and thus allows complete statements to be made about the data rate and data quality achieved.

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Optimizing data transfer to the mobile device: Physical layer

The physical layer is the interface to the analog fading world and the parameters to be determined are often subject to very short-term changes, especially for mobile users.

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