Streaming of interactive, real-time generated media between immersive venues

September 2022 - February 2025


The goal of the research project is the development of a system that compresses, transmits, and individually adapts media at the playback location, aiming to promote interactivity within and between immersive and non-immersive venues. Additionally, the project aims to extend existing technologies for the implementation of frameworks for real-time generated, interactive media.


To fulfill the mentioned objectives, the following steps are defined: Enabling an expansion of streaming methods by transmitting compressed, high-resolution media through the testing of various transmission paths and optimization of selected procedures. Expanding transmission for interaction by providing channels for bidirectional communication and integrating these channels into various frameworks. Additionally, developing format-dependent interaction methods through the exploration of various interaction possibilities, adapting suitable options to existing formats, media, and audience sizes, and evaluating usability through different prototypes.

This includes implementing developed interaction methods into necessary frameworks, such as the concert for the 100th anniversary of German planetariums by the Dresden Symphony Orchestra and a presentation of a prototype to demonstrate interactivity within and between immersive venues. Finally, connecting frameworks for real-time rendering by developing methods for the unrestricted use of existing rendering engines in immersive venues and creating plugins for game engines like Unity and Unreal.


The prospects of the research project include collaboration with the Society of German Planetariums for the 100th anniversary and cooperation with the Dresden Symphony Orchestra for Weltensymohonie. Strategic potentials lie in the exploration of planetariums as new platforms, the provision of new interfaces for small and medium-sized enterprises (KMU) and artists in immersive venues, as well as the development of methods for the transmission of uncompressed, high-resolution media.