Digital Tools and Workflow Integration for Building Lifecycles

Duration: March 2018 – February 2021

Sponsored by BMWi-Technology Program „Smart Service World II“

Project Page

The project digitalTwin will research and develop a common digital platform for all parties involved in the complete life cycle of construction. New radio technologies (5G) for fast, low-latency and flexible inter-connection will be applied. Standardised interfaces and protocols will be defined and advanced visualization and interaction technologies will be developed. The aim is to improve or even create the interfaces between planning, construction, operation and de-construction based on a fully IT-supported set of tools.

The „Vision & Imaging Technologies“ department will develop methods and tools to support construction and mounting with advanced technologies in a completely digitized workflow. The main focus is on AR/VR-applications by using glasses based AR-systems. These will be integrated in the helmet and support the worker at the construction site with an augmented overlay of additional information on the real scene with planning models or construction advices. Remote assistance shall be supported as well.

Collaborative partners in the digitalTwin project

  • se commerce
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Telecomunication, Heinrich Hertz Institute
  • Planen bauen 4.0
  • Telegärtner
  • Zeiss 3DA
  • Werner Sobek Stuttgart

The digitalTwin project is a joint project and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action.