Berlin Digital Rail Operations

January 2021 – July 2024

This project is funded by the state of Berlin within the innovation support program ProFIT.

BerDiBa aims to implement a holistic digital twin for rail operations. This should integrate status data of the vehicles and the interior as well as environmental data and real-time data on the infrastructure. A wide variety of sensor systems and innovative signal processing methods such as neural networks are used. On the basis of real-time data and artificial intelligence, digital, fully automated control of rail operations is to be implemented in the future

Project Partners

  • Siemens Mobility
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • DFKI
  • ZIB
  • ITQ GmbH
  • acs plus GmbH
  • Teraki GmbH
  • AAI GmbH
  • GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH
  • neurocat GmbH


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