Quantum Secure Networks Partnership

Programm Indentification Code: HORIZON-CL4-2022-QUANTUM-04-SGA

Project ID: 101114043

(Co-funded by the European Commission)

Duration: March 2023 – August 2026

Project description

Digital communications is a key player in the ubiquitous connectivity advances of recent years. The increasing number of devices and systems connected to global networks - and the information transmitted amongst them - indicates the need to protect sensitive information. Raising awareness that most networks are public and may be easy targets for cyberattacks is paramount. One major concern for users is thus security. However, most current cryptography techniques used to secure information are based on methods that have become vulnerable due to the constant rise of computer processing capabilities. Against this background, the QSNP project brings together more than 40 partners from all over Europe, ranging from academia, foundries, and spin-offs to network and cryptography integrators as well as telecom operators.

In context, the Fraunhofer HHI extensively supports the QNSP project partners with expertise in photonic integration and enables the realization of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for quantum communication. Especially InP-based single-photon detectors facilitate efficient detection in the classical telecommunication bands at room temperature. Moreover, the PolyBoard platform allows for the integration of components deriving from differing material systems optimized for the respective application, thus acting as a quantum-optic motherboard.