Research Groups

Video Coding Technologies

The main focus of the Video Coding Technologies (VCT) group is the development of new image and video compression technologies.

Heads of Group: Dr.-Ing. Heiko Schwarz, Dr. rer. nat. Jonathan Pfaff

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Video Coding Systems

The group Video Coding Systems works on offering a range of VVC compliant codecs for use in industrial applications.

Head of Group: Benjamin Bross.

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Multimedia Communications

The Multimedia Communications Group (MMC) is focused on efficient delivering video data to consumers and personalizing video data on the network.

Heads of Group: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schierl, Dr.-Ing. Cornelius Hellge

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Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems Group (ES) focuses on research and solutions for embedded multimedia processing.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Benno Stabernack

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