Research Groups

Multimedia Communications

The Multimedia Communications Group (MMC) is focused on efficient delivering video data to consumers and personalizing video data on the network.

Heads of Group: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schierl, Dr.-Ing. Cornelius Hellge

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Image & Video Coding

The main focus of the Image & Video Coding Group (IVC) is the research and the development of solutions for new image and video compression technologies.

Heads of Group: Dr.-Ing. Detlev Marpe, Dr.-Ing. Heiko Schwarz

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Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems Group (ES) focuses on research and solutions for embedded multimedia processing.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Benno Stabernack

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Machine Learning

The main focus of the Machine Learning Group (ML) is the development of powerful, interpretable and efficient data analysis techniques for various applications, including image and video annotation, biomedical signal analysis and Big Data analytics.

Head of Group: Dr. Wojciech Samek

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Image & Video Understanding

The Image & Video Understanding Group (IVU) develops innovative technologies and products for the automatic extraction of semantic information from image and video data, as well as applications for content-based similarity analysis.

Heads of Group: Thomas Meiers, Dr.-Ing. Karsten Müller

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