3D Video Processing

The Image & Video Coding and the former 3D Coding group have been active in developing 3D video processing technology related to 3D coding, including 3D computer graphics models and free viewpoint video.

Multiview video plus geometry (MVG) is an alternative 3D video format that uses polygon meshes for representing scene geometry as known from computer graphics. In this regard, we have played an important role in developing the MPEG-4 / FAMC (Frame-based Animated Mesh Compression) standard.

Moreover, we have developed 3D processing solutions for the following topics:

  • Scene geometry (surface mesh) reconstruction from multi-camera video data, Including visual hull segmentation and voxel-based shape-from-silhouette approaches.
  • View-dependent multi-texture rendering, using weighted virtual view interpolation of calibrated texture views.
  • Advanced view synthesis for multiview video plus depth (MVD) and layered depth video (LDV), enhancing depth-image-based rendering (DIBR) by reliability layers.