Improved DASH over LTE

Video traffic contributes to the majority of data packets transported over cellular wireless. Future broadband wire-less access networks based on 3GPP's Long Term Evolution offer mechanisms for optimized transmission with high data rates and low delay. However, especially when packets are transmitted in the LTE downlink and if services are run over-the-top (OTT), optimization of radio resources in a multi-user environment for video services becomes infeasible. The current market trend is moving to OTT solutions, also for video transmission, where an emerging standard based on HTTP streaming - DASH - is expected to have a huge success in the upcoming years. The solution consists of a novel technique, which combines LTE features with knowledge on DASH sessions for optimization of the wireless resources. The combined optimization yields an improved transmission of videos over cellular wireless systems which are based on LTE and LTE-Advanced.


Thomas Wirth, Yago Sánchez, Bernd Holfeld, and Thomas Schierl:
Advanced Downlink LTE Radio Resource Management for HTTP-Streaming,
ACM Multimedia 2012, Nara, JP, October 2012.