Statistical Modeling & Coding

We are developing efficient methods for statistical modeling and coding with a particular focus on application in video coding. Our research includes the topics of fast binary arithmetic coding, context modeling, probability estimation, and binarization. In addition, we are investigating the concept of probability interval partitioning entropy (PIPE) codes as a low complex, but yet highly efficient variant of binary arithmetic coding.

  • Probability Interval Partitioning Entropy (PIPE) Coding
  • Entropy Coding for Frame-Based Animated Mesh Compression (FAMC)
  • Context Modeling Using Growing, Reordering, and Selection by Pruning (GRASP)
  • Context-Based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC)
  • Fast Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (M Coder)
  • Statistical Modeling and Pre-Coding Techniques for Wavelet-Based Image & Video Compression


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    Erratum: On p. 631, left column below Table VI, "max(...)" must be replaced by "min(...)" in the two expressions for specifying context index increments for bins related to absolute values of transform coefficients.
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