Water Electrolysis Innovation Lab:

Modeling and characterization tools for the development of water electrolysers - from materials to system integration

Co-funded by:

Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

Duration: Jun 2021 - May 2024

The "Water Electrolysis Innovation Lab" aims to build a bridge from material development to system design of water electrolysers. Together with the participating industrial partners, a toolbox consisting of experimental and model-based methods is going to be developed, which serves both the viewpoint of the system operator and that of the material developer and electrolyzer manufacturer. In this context, the toolbox will contain modeling and characterization components that are applicable to all three relevant water electrolysis technologies: alkaline water electrolysis (AEL), Polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis (PEMEL) and high-temperature electrolysis (HTEL). The entire value chain for the production of electrolyzers is considered. Based on the explicit requirements of the participating industrial partners in Lower Saxony, targeted material functionalization, for example on the basis of laser-structured surfaces, is carried out to optimize electrodes using AEL technology as demonstration. The components produced in this way will be characterized in a second step, and the measurement data obtained will finally be used as a case study for testing and validating the modeling tool. The InnoEly project will help to exploit the value creation potential of the hydrogen economy in Lower Saxony, intensify the close cooperation between research and industry, and enable the targeted further development of electrolysis technologies.