Optical Ultra-thin Glass Seal

Ultra-thin optical seal for protection and monitoring tamper attacks on security eminent electronic devices

Co-funded by the OHB Systems AG

Duration: June 2015 – December 2016

Physical Protection of sensible, security eminent electronic devices is very important and increasingly challenging for many private companies or public institutions.  The financial damage or the consequences (e. g. , data manipulation or data recordings) of an unrecognized attack can be huge. Hence, together with OHB systems AG Fraunhofer HHI has developed an optical seal of ultra-thin glass, covering central electronic chips on boards, which for example are responsible for the encoding of data. The state of optical seals, by meaning the signature of the seal, can be proofed simply via glass fiber connector and tamper attacks are recognized immediately.

The optical signature is generated with femtosecond laser technology and bases on photonic optical light guiding components that are embedded in the ultra-thin glass, not visible by eyes. The advantages of this optical seals are:

  • No tampering of individual signature of the seal  
  • Non-destructive removing and rearrangement oft he seal after successfully manipulation is not possible
  • Access via drilling a hole through the seal is recognized
  • Permanent monitoring is possible
  • Prooving the state of the seal can be done via glass fiber interface – no opening of the device necessary