Communicate Green

Communicate Green

Co-funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Duration: January 2011 - August 2014

The project Communicate Green (ComGreen) will significantly contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of communication networks. In Germany, a saving potential of up to 2 million tonnes CO2 per year is targeted, while at the same time increasing the bandwidth for the users.

Starting point is the self-organized context-based adaption of the network management parameters such that the best trade-off between energy consumption and quality of experience is achieved. This is done by developing an architecture which jointly uses the information from the access network, the core network, and the mobile terminals.

Starting with optimizing a single radio access technology, the next step is then to extend this optimization to multiple systems with different radio access networks. The goal is to serve all users at each place with the actual required, rather than the maximal possible transmission capacity. Another work package optimizes the core network. For the control and data management only a minimum number of hardware nodes is used, allowing to switch off not needed nodes.

A forth work package develops a testbed on which the methods and algorithms are practically evaluated. The results are fed into international standardization bodies, conferences, and workshops; they are also internally used by the project partners. Since a network equipment provider and a network operator are involved, the chances for successful exploitation of the results are very good.