Smart Wireless Connectivity

The Smart Wireless Connectivity (SWC) group focuses on different aspects of wireless connectivity, including wireless system design (beyond-5G and 6G), Internet of Things (IoT), learning algorithms for radio access, and communication security. The research is organized along the following tracks: (i) wireless access protocols, with focus on coding and protocol design for massive IoT connectivity; (ii) AI-native radio interface design, including aspects of semantic-aware communication and neuromorphic processing for edge intelligence; (iii) radio sensing and digital twins for communications, and (iv) information-theoretic security, with focus on physical layer security, also under consideration of quantum aspects. The group has extensive expertise in the fields of information and communication theory, Bayesian inference and in different areas of applied mathematics, and uses methods from these fields in the above-mentioned application domains. The group develops simulation environments and testbed infrastructure to evaluate and demonstrate the proposed solutions.


Explore the current and finished projects of the SWC Group. Realized for public and industrial clients.

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