Cooperative Multi-Point (CoMP) Systems


A paradigm change in mobile communications enables the transition to cooperative systems. Research here focuses on cooperative communication strategies for distributed antennas, also referred as 'Coordinated Multi Point' (CoMP) techniques. Permitting cooperation between several distributed antennas offers advantages from the spatial structure of the wireless propagation medium. Significantly increased spectral efficiency is expecetd by the use of spatial diversity and reduced co-channel interference. We have hence developed a theory for modelling and optimising interference-coupled radio networks. To determine achievable gains in practice, we use multi-cell MIMO simulations as well as channel measurements.

Cooperative strategies are of primary importance for users at the cell boundaries which experience poor channel conditions due to propagation loss and strong inter-cell interference.

We develop protocols and algorithms for adaptive CoMP systems in conjunction with multi-antenna techniques and resource allocation.

One promising way of dealing with this problem is the use of distributed relays which relay information via several hops. This not only increases the range and reduces the - usually high - infrastructure costs, but additionally leads to an extraordinary reduction in interferences between cells.


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