Multi-Cell Simulations


We are developing a multi-cell system-level simulator using a distributed computing environment. The multi-cell system-level simulator enables us to asses the gains of various multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmission and receiving techniques such as:

  • Codebook based transmit beamforming (according to LTE specifications),
  • Interference aware multi user scheduling Beyond 3G-LTE
  • Receivers such as maximum ratio and optimum combining,
  • Coordinated MultiPoint CoMP transmission / reception.

It supports the spatial channel model extension (SCME), WINNER II channel models and  WINNER II ITU channel models.

Technical Discussion

Programming environment:

  • Matlab
  • C/C++


  • max min scheduler
  • max throughput
  • round robin
  • extended score based
  • proportional fair

Special Features:

  • Downlink / uplink channels for in- and outdoor scenarios
  • Integration of 3D antenna patterns
  • Relay channel generation
  • Graphical user interface for simulation and evaluation parameter selection
  • Distributed computing engine


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