mm-Wave based Mobile Radio Access Network for 5G Integrated Communications

mmMAGIC project page

Co-funded by EU

Duration: July 2015 – June 2017

The objective of the project is to develop, evaluate and demonstrate new mobile radio access technology for wireless communications in the frequency range from 6 GHz up to 100 GHz. This technology is one of the key enablers of the future mobile networks of the 5th generation (5G networks). In particular, it will be a key ingredient in satisfying the dramatic growth in the demand for wireless bandwidth by exploiting new spectrum bands. The main challenges result from the specific propagation characteristics of millimeter waves in typical mobile radio environments. They require the development and evaluation of suitable waveforms, novel beam-forming techniques and new inter-networking functionalities for seamless mobile connectivity. 

HHI contributes to several topics, including radio channel measurements, the development of advanced channel models and hardware-in-the-loop trials for testing new technologies under real-world conditions.