OpenQKD BerlinaleQ - An innovative international film festival with QKD-secured movie distribution

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme

The project aims at demonstrating a new use-case of quantum key distribution (QKD) for protecting the distribution of digital movie data in a real-world scenario.

OpenQKD BerlinaleQ project page

Duration: October 2021 – March 2022




In the scope of the EU-funded OpenQKD-initiative the HHI and its partners Colt, ADVA and ID Quantique demonstrate and validate a new use case of QKD during the Berlinale Film Festival. As during previous years, the festival’s high-quality premiere movie data will be encrypted and distributed from a central distribution hub to the movie theaters over the dedicated Berlinale fiber network in the city of Berlin. Our proposed concept extends this established architecture by seamlessly and transparently adding a QKD point-to-point link into the existing infrastructure. Thus, for the first time, the valuable movie data will be protected by encryption with highly secure QKD keys during distribution from the Berlinale film distribution hub to one of the festival‘s movie theaters. Our vision is that this testbed paves the way for future media distribution infrastructures where cinemas and production companies protect their digital movie data with QKD-enhanced security against eavesdropping and piracy.