Zero-SWARM : ZERO-enabling Smart netWorked control framework for Agile cyber physical pRoduction systems of systeMs

The Zero-SWARM ambition is to provide a methodological and technological framework, modular, open and reusable (to address quick uptake of advanced 5G technologies by European manufacturing sector), for the engineering of the following major aspects of a data-driven, connected, CPSoS-based, trusted (safe/secure) production.

Co-funded by the European Commission under Horizon Europe Program

Zero-SWARM project page

Duration: June 2022 – December 2024


Zero-SWARM is a mission to achieve climate neutral and digitised production via a multidisciplinary, human centric, objective oriented innovative approach resulting in technical solutions for open swarm framework, non-public 5G network, active information continuum and digital twin. At the core, it establishes a unique forum where separately maturing technologies of 5G and cloud-edge continuum, data technologies and analysis (including data spaces and GAIA-X) and operational technology (automation and agility) break their siloes to co-design and co-create through 10 trials. It will showcase key achievements such as smart assembly, sustainable powertrains, improved resilience with remote operation, 5G powered PLCs for real time distributed control systems, safe and autonomous transport of goods in factory, 5G enabled process aware AGVs, plug & connect 5G for industry, mobile intelligent agents for zero plastic waste, smart maintenance and optimization, remote quality control for zero defect resilient manufacturing. The project includes 3 nodes (north, center and south) with industrial test facilities from previous public/private investments co/ creating with reputable industry players. Aligned with the technical activities, Zero-SWARM includes a tailored engagement program towards a wide audience, including collaboration with Digital Innovation Hubs and key initiatives in Europe. In addition, open innovation practices involves industry player as clients of developed technologies via Zero-SWARM community with 400 users and the expression of interest mechanism. It allows them to be the pioneer of the Zero-SWARM technologies, establishing an impact pathway even after the project end. Zero-SWARM puts strong emphasis on developing various learning materials to promote skill development of talented workforces with minimum efforts in prominent twin transformation, which will strongly contribute to build up European leadership in sustainable data driven manufacturing.

Fraunhofer HHI will contribute to the requirements analysis, system design, and architecture of Zero-SWARM, particularly by offering its expertise on privacy-preserving distributed AI . Moreover, it further develops its distributed learning framework (DLFi) towards the realization of distributed intelligence paradigm in production. In addition, it will host trials and proof-of-concepts over its large scale test infrastructure validating the future-proof approaches of Zero-SWARM.