Spatial Multiplexing in Optical Access Networks

Within the framework of the SAMOA-NET project, HHI is going to work on architecture and system concept of SDM/PON, the coupling into and out of the multicore fiber and the algorithms for the MIMO DSP. The results of the work packages will be integrated into the demonstrator and a system simulation will be used to show that the results shown can also be scaled to a real scenario.

Funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Duration: August 2021 - July 2024

COVID-19 has shown that a massive shift to Internet-based teleworking is necessary to keep the economy functioning. The SAMOA-NET project will comprehensively investigate optical transmission using space division multiplexing over multi-core fibers in the optical access network and show how bottlenecks can be overcome in the future. Based on the system concept, the partners will develop the essential building blocks for data transmission: long-wavelength VCSEL and photodetector arrays, the multicore fiber, flexible coupling and decoupling using spatial light modulators, and MIMO signal processing (DSP). To realize system simulations, the existing models of the individual system components are first extended for transmission via multicore fiber and validated with measurements on real components. A system demonstrator will integrate the individual components and show the feasibility. Further system simulations will show the scalability of the system approach to real scenarios.