Open Testbed Berlin – 5G and Beyond

Co-funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

OTB-5G+ project page

Duration: September 2019 - Dezember 2022


In the OTB-5G+ project, a new network architecture for 5G and subsequent mobile radio systems will be investigated. The planned open testbed Berlin includes all essential components for this goal. The air (radio) interface is supported by a fiber optic-based transport network (Ethernet, PON, wireless bridges), a software defined cloud network and a distributed core network with centralized control. A promising and challenging use case, which will be tested in an open testbed environment is the idea of "complete street perception". Here, sensor data of vehicles in road traffic is collected via mobile radio. In the mobile radio infrastructure these data are combined with highly accurate local maps into a central situation picture, which in turn is sent back to all vehicles. Now, every user is able to monitor the traffic situation better than using just the vehicle's own sensors.