High bandwidth oPtical wirEless tRansmission For sEcure CommunicaTion

The PERFECT project will demonstrate the next generation LiFi system, with new high-speed VCSEL-arrays as transmitters, advanced transmission techniques, sophisticated software-defined networking (SDN) protocols and new features for user localization.

Co-funded by EFRE and the European Regional Development Fund

Duration: June 2022 - May 2024


  • To design a profound LiFi system concept for a realistic use case, to analyse and to specify requirements for components and algorithms
  • To design, develop and integrate a VCSEL-array for a high-speed and highpower LiFi transmitter with imaging optics suitable for optical beam steering at 10 Gbit/s per user/designated area.
  • To design, test and validate a protocol stack inherently based on SDN and secure-by-design philosophy for LiFi systems.
  • To develop and to analyze transmission techniques for LiFi in order to test and validate their performance with the new VCSEL arrays.
  • To develop efficient algorithms for optical beam steering including device localization and tracking. To integrate the new VCSEL-arrays into a complete LiFi system, jointly with physical layer (PHY) and media access layer (MAC) protocols developed and implemented on FPGAs.
  • To demonstrate the key features in a real-time LiFi prototype, which will prove market value of technology and encourage the investors by substantially reducing the technological risk.


Project Partner

Fraunhofer HHI (Applied Research Institute)
• Project coordination
• System development and demonstration

VI Systems (Photonic Component Manufacturer)
• VCSEL design and development
• Module fabrication and test

Exatel (Infrastructure and Service Provider)
• Development of software defined networks
  for LiFi
• Security analysis and validation

Warsaw University of Technology (University)
• High-speed transmission techniques for
  optical wireless communication
• System tests and performance evaluation