H.264 Ultra Low Latency Video Codec

Fraunhofer HHI offers an ultra-low latency video encoder compliant with the H.264 baseline profile. The encoder is implemented as a hardwired solution, which can be mapped on FPGAs or ASICs without the need of external memory. It is especially tailored to real-time applications and allows up to 1080p encoding with today's FPGA or ASIC technologies.


  • Low delay, low latency codec delay < 1 macroblock line (at least 3ms)
  • H.264 baseline profile subset
  • Coding of progressive video using H.264 Main Profile syntax with Baseline toolset (no CABAC used)
  • Coding and decoding using all 4x4 intra coded blocks with prediction modes and 16x16 modes
  • Coded stream can be decoded with every H.264 compliant decoder e.g. DVD Player with H.264 support
  • Picture resolution up to HD
  • YUV 4:2:0 8Bit
  • Data rates up to 80Mbit/s
  • clock cycle requirements:
    - 640x480@25Hz => 18 MHz
    - 800x600@30Hz => 33,75 MHz
    - 1280x720@60Hz => 129 MHz
    - 1920x1080@30Hz => 145,8 MHz