Kinematic 3D Geometry Modeling of Captured Human Characters

Realistic animation of human characters is required for many applications, e.g. movie and game productions. Building on top of our previous work [1,2,3], we develop here a geometric 3D representation to model human characters, which is highly realistic as well as efficient and simple to animate. For realistic modeling of articulated motion for a wide range of poses, a combination of Linear Blend Skinning (LBS) and Dual Unit Quaternion Skinning (DQS) is used. This non-linear skinning approach nicely compensates for the deficiencies (Candy-wrapper, bulging artifacts etc.) of both methods by decomposing the joint rotations. DQS is used for rotations around the outward bone axis while LBS models bending.

This model consists of a set of vertices, skinning weights, joint locations and joint orientations. Further, we develop an optimization framework to adapt all these components to a set of registered example 3D scans of an actor in different poses. This optimization loops of the 3 following steps until convergence:

  • optimize skinning weights via coordinate descent,
  • optimize vertices via least squares fitting,
  • optimize joint locations and orientations via Gauss-Newton algorithm.

The objective function to minimize consists of a data term, enforcing that transformed model vertices are close to their targets, and a weighted Laplace prior in order to enforce smoothness among neighboring vertices. The weight of the Laplace prior is the only parameter required to be specified.


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