Johannes Künzel

Johannes Künzel is a Research Associate at the Computer Vision & Graphics group in the Vision and Imaging Technologies Department.

He joined the group as a Research Associate in 2016. His research interests are camera pose estimation, the registration of high-definition 3D models, and the strengthening of computer vision algorithms against the influence of challenging weather conditions.

He received a B.Sc. degree in 2014 and an M.Sc. degree in 2016 from Ilmenau Technical University.





“Berliner Digitaler Bahnbetrieb”

The automated rail transport is one essential cornerstone of a modern and sustainable transportation system. In order to achieve this goal, BerDiBa drives the progress in three major aspects: self-driving trains, automated remote control, and predictive maintenance. In collaboration with TU Berlin, we focus on the last aspect, which provides challenging research opportunities, like the registration between images taken in different weather conditions and/ or different seasons. This leads to the severe violation of fundamental assumptions like illumination consistency. Therefore, we research new methods to bridge this domain gap and to enable the robust deployment of computer vision on the rails of tomorrow. Website


Secure and robust calibrated measurement systems for the digital transformation.

BMBF Project Auzuka

The inspection of sewer pipes is mandatory to guarantee their functionality. At present, mobile robots with cameras are used to tackle this task. The manual process of damage detection and classification is error prone because of the repeating and tiresome work. Therefor the goal of this project is the development of a system, which is capable of assisting the employee with the automatic detection and classification of damages.

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