Multi-View Capturing

Many innovative applications like 3DTV, 3D Video, 3D reconstruction, and Free Viewpoint Video require the synchronized and calibrated capturing of multiview video sequences. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, we have therefore worked on different aspects of multiview processing, starting from capturing and calibration to encoding, analysis, and visualization. Different hardware configurations have been investigated and many different algorithms for the analysis of multiview data have been investigated.

Camera Configurations

We investigate different camera configurations for individual solutions. For example, we have setup circular arrays for capturing faces from exactly known directions and thus head poses. Linear multi baseline setups are used for depth map estimation and 3DTV applications. We also work with camera domes, where the scene is captured from different directions, targeting in a dynamic reconstruction of objects for free viewpoint video applications.

Competencies in Multi-view Processing

  • Calibration of multi-view setups
  • Synchronized and calibrated capturing of multi-view video sequences
  • Free Viewpoint Video / 3D Video / 3DTV
  • 3D scene reconstruction from multiple views