iPoint Presenter

The input device for contact-free "multipointing" interaction - The mouse of the future

The iPoint Presenter enables a futuristic and worldwide unique human-computer-interaction only known from science fiction movies like "Minority Report" so far. The "multipointing" interaction method enables the user to show the computer what he or she wants! Other input devices are not necessary anymore!

This interaction concept can easily be implemented in many applications such as interactive POI/POS systems, games, photo viewers and geographic tools like Google Earth.

Multipointing Interaction

Unlike multitouch screens, the iPoint Presenter detects and tracks up to eight fingers of the users’ hands completely contact-free. At the moment the user is able to rotate, enlarge, drag and drop objects and press buttons by pointing on the display with one or two fingers.
Depending on the use case, several gesture interpretation methods are already applicable and can be adjusted or extended to new gestures and applications. The technologies used in the iPoint Presenter enable “multipointing” by the means of video-based tracking. The system works pixel precise and jittering free and thus is appropriate as an innovative mouse replacement.

iPoint Presenter Components

  • HHI Handtracker: non-invasive tracking device & software
  • HHI Workbench3D: content visualization and gesture interpretation software
  • Video projector & Barebone PC: alternative hardware is possible

The iPoint Presenter is a demonstrator of the hand-tracking and gesture recognition technologies. Our technologies can easily be arranged in many ways to meet your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss a solution for your application!